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I'm 17 and I live in the UK.

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It's OK, but it could of been better!

Posted : 6 years, 7 months ago on 1 October 2015 02:38 (A review of Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse)

I am a big fan of Family Guy and when I heard they were having a 2nd game I knew I wanted it. Until I saw some screenshots and the graphics were how should I say, not good. But I still gave it a chance and I bought it on the PS store for ยฃ19.99 and played it. And well, it was alright I guess. Though the thing I didn't like was the number of characters quotes and clips were used from the show. I mean I would of thought the creators and writers would come up with something new for the game, but they didn't. So using the same jokes and gags over again was kind of a let down.

Now I was hoping the graphics would be great because this came out in 2012 so I don't understand why they didn't use a better engine to make the graphics look like they do nowadays. Another thing I didn't like was the challenge (not in story mode) where you had to take a certain number of pictures before time runs out, the thing I didn't like about was the amount of enemies running towards you and hitting you whilst you're trying to take the pictures. I mean I couldn't even get half the number of pictures needed on easy!

So next time, Family Guy decides to make another game, they should hopefully improve on the graphics and write new jokes and gags. For now as a big fan of the show, I'm still playing it to see how it goes. I would recommend you watch some gameplay on YouTube before deciding to buy it!

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It's Jackass as a Video Game!

Posted : 7 years, 2 months ago on 9 March 2015 12:41 (A review of Pain)

This game is very funny and I play it over and over again. I love the fact that the characters are created as ragdolls thanks to the Havok physics engine which is designed for real-life collisions and dynamics of rigid bodies in three dimensions, thus creating the rigid bodies (ragdoll physics). But back to the game, I love how you can watch your playthroughs that you done in one run, what I also like about it is the freecam which lets you explore the whole environment and go close-up on the character's faces or whatever.

The gameplay is fun, the controls are easy to handle thanks to aiming with the right analog stick and launching with the X button and soon your character is flying in the air and going to hit anything and will break probably ever bone in their body. I love the range of charatcers you can choose from as well as their outfits and the different poses they can do when being launched into the air.

The only PAIN about this game is the trophies, I mean wow talk about hard and really time consuming. I have to admit some of the bronze trophies are hard, the bronzes, a type of trophy that is suppose to be easy to earned. So if you're looking for a trophy challenge, I would definitely recommend this to you.

So overall, this is a great, fun and addictive game that I'm sure you'll love once you get the hang of it!

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Not as Great as I Thought!

Posted : 7 years, 2 months ago on 9 March 2015 12:23 (A review of Flight 7500)

When I first saw the trailer I couldn't wait to see it but it kept getting delayed and that really annoyed me. But after two years of waiting someone posted the full movie on YouTube and I was so excited to watch it, but that all changed after the movie and I was like "I waited 2 years for this?!"

I mean the cast was good, I knew some of them so I thought it would a good movie, but it wasn't. Too be honest I think the writing could of been a bit better as nothing really much happens for the first 40 mins or 50 mins or so. The scares could of been better cause a ghost hand grabbing some of the characters wasn't scary at all and to be honest the CG for it was bad!

Overall, the movie could of been better if it had better writing, scares and I would of enjoyed the twist ending if some people had kept their mouths shut. This movie is not worth your time and I wouldn't watch it again or recommend.

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An Amazing Game

Posted : 7 years, 2 months ago on 9 March 2015 12:20 (A review of Life Is Strange)

I have to say I'm loving this game so far and I can't wait for the other episodes to be released. I first played a trial version so that I can get a better experience for myself to see if it's worth playing and sure enough, it was. I loved how you can make choices and I also loved the fact that you can rewind time so you can see the alternative outcome of choices you make. I like the game's characters, Max and Chloe, they have a nice friendship despite not seeing each other for years.

The acting is good and so is the writing, though sometimes it can be bad and a bit dumb, but there are times when the writing is very strong and exciting, especially during the ending of Episode 2 "Out of Time." I love exploring the places Max goes to such as the campus, her dorm, Chloe's house etc, as it gives you a little freedom. The trophies aren't so bad, they're basically just bronze trophies for taking optional photos, one gold for completing episode five and my favourite trophy at the end, platinum (PS3)!

Overall, I think this is a great game that I think you should take a look at, especially if your into choice making and fantasy-adventure type games.

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Another Masterpiece From Telltale

Posted : 7 years, 10 months ago on 18 July 2014 09:35 (A review of The Wolf Among Us)

I love Telltale Games because their known for decision making in their games where you choices affect the story and I love the fact that I can control the game the way I want to. After completing episode five, it left me wanting more, and I hope they make a season 2 like they did with their other game "The Walking Dead."

It's a game I've never played before, a game with all fairytale characters such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White etc. But its not the way I remember them, this game is more of a mature version as many characters (or Fables as their referred to) are founded murdered and its Bigby's (who we play) job to find out who killing them before it's too late. It's really interesting to see how it all turns out and I cant wait to find out what happens in the last episode.

Excellent writing, likable characters, exciting choice making, great graphics and best of all fun to play. The trophies (PS3) or achievements (XBOX) are extremely easy as their earned after completing chapters in each episode so if you own a PS3, it's a great way to earn a platinum!

Overall, it's a very enjoyable game which I think people who like all mystery and thrillers will definitely like and of course anyone whose a fan of Telltale Games would definitely have this recommended by me!

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Posted : 7 years, 10 months ago on 29 June 2014 08:53 (A review of Bait)

I've just finished watching it and I have to say I enjoyed it. The only let down was the CG sharks and tsunami. The budget was $20 million so why was the whole thing CG sharks? But there is some scenes which use mechanical sharks but I wish they kept it like that throughout.. Kirby's accent was kinda annoying and I think he was trying to do an Australian accent since the whole thing takes place there. But I enjoyed the story and everything else about it.

When I saw the first trailer for this I was looking forward to seeing it because they didn't show any signs of CG sharks, but then came the red band. That showed CG sharks but that didn't really stop me from watching it since it had a lot of celebrities that I knew.

So in the end it wasn't such a bad movie, it was surprisingly good despite the CG sharks it was enjoyable and it will be something I would watch again after a while.

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Walkers Ain't The Problem, It's The Game That Is

Posted : 7 years, 10 months ago on 29 June 2014 08:49 (A review of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct)

I'm really disappointed with this, the graphics are awful and too be
honest really ugly, and I don't understand, Activision made this game,
the company that made Call of Duty, a game series with much better
graphics and of course Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, another game
with terrible graphics and a really disappointment.

You can't upgrade or customise your weapons to make them more powerful,
you can't kick and thing that I found stupid was the fact that you
can't jump on big cars like pick-up trucks.

The walkers ain't scary looking and if you were surrounded by a horde
and on top of a car you would easily see that some of the them have the
same faces. When I had two walkers coming towards I thought if hit one
of them with my weapon then the other next to it will get hit as well,
but it doesn't, whereas in other zombie games such as Dead Island when
you hit a zombie other ones next to it will get hit as well.

You can help survivors in different areas, but all you do is retrieve
stuff for them like batteries for a radio and that wasn't really much
of a challenge, but if they told you to find someone they knew like a
friend or loved one to see if they're alive or not would of been a bit
better cause it raises the question, are they alive or not? If you have
a survivor in your group with a low condition or there isn't enough
room in your vehicle then you'll have to dismiss them which doesn't
sound bad as there's no dialogue of them begging to stay or something
like that and not much is told about them so you wouldn't really care
about their fate.

The only thing I liked about this game is that the Norman Reedus and
Michael Rooker from the TV show do the voices of their characters they
play in the show.

So you're a fan of the TV show like I am then I strongly suggest that
you avoid this game due to it's terrible graphics and it's lack of

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Best DLC This Year

Posted : 7 years, 10 months ago on 28 June 2014 10:39 (A review of The Last Of Us - Left Behind)

I love "The Last of Us" and when I heard about a DLC (downloadable content) for it and knew I had to buy it. To start off I love the relationship between Ellie and Riley, it shows that even though they live in a world with infection they have each other to look out for.

The infected are really creative, they have their own name, different movements and sounds when the player is spotted. But the annoying infected is the Clickers, their blind but are attracted to movement and so when I try to kill one while it runs towards me I get killed (so only kill it from behind.)

My favourite part about this is when humans and infected are in the same area together and I throw something and it starts a fight against the humans and infected which is really cool and also quite handy so it saves me so ammo.

Overall, Left Behind is an amazing experience with fun mini-games, exciting gameplay and well-written dialogue it is certainly a must- have for people who've played "The Last of Us."

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Best Game of 2013

Posted : 7 years, 10 months ago on 28 June 2014 10:37 (A review of The Last of Us)

I absolutely loved this game! This is the first game I've played by Naughty Dog and I have to say I was very impressed with this game for a first impression.

The graphics are astonishing and brilliantly detailed and bring everything to life, the controls are easy to handle, the dialogue during cut-scenes and when playing the game are written amazingly and the characters have great relationships with one another.

The enemies are amazing, they have their own names, sounds, attacks, movement and are completely different from infected enemies in other games.

Overall, this is one amazing game, probably the best game I've played in 2013 because of its well written dialogue, brilliant graphics and unique designs on the characters and enemies.

I would definitely recommend this and would definitely play it again after a couple of months so I don't remember what happens.

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An Excellent Crime Game!

Posted : 7 years, 10 months ago on 28 June 2014 09:40 (A review of Murdered: Soul Suspect)

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

I have to say I really enjoyed this despite some negative reviews critics have given it. When I first saw the E3 trailer for it I was really excited to play it, but when it was released I was surprised by the ratings that were given by gaming websites such as IGN, who gave Murdered: Soul Suspect a 5.5/10 which in my opinion should be higher.

Anyways, I thought this was excellent, playing as a ghost and solving your own murder got me wanting this game it's unlike any other crime games I play and that's what I thought was so cool about this. To be honest, I didn't find the graphics bad I thought they were quite good, the writing was great, the characters were interesting enough, the demons were really creepy and the ghost abilities were really cool.

But I have to admit I didn't like some things such as Salem, it's interesting but I don't like the fact that there's no map so you don't know where you're going and there isn't much to do except find collectibles, possess people but you can't do much when possessing people as you can only read their minds.

The twist I was kinda of disappointed with, but I was still surprised when it was revealed to be Abigail as "The Bell Killer." Though I was surprised when I saw that Abigail possessed Ronan (before he was killed) to kill Sophia.And also, it would of been better if it was a living person committing the murders instead of a ghost who possess people to commit them.

Overall it was a great experience with interesting characters, good twists, superb writing and good quality graphics. But may fail to impress due to it's short gameplay (I finished the game the day after I got it.) But if you're interested in crime/mystery games I would recommend this!

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